In 1986, four young boys gathered forces and created the producer team, Madness 4 Real, that would change the course of the music industry in their native country of Denmark.

With very primitive equipment, they quickly formed a distinct sound that sounded more American than European and gave the boys a huge edge in a not-so-distant future, that would make all their wildest dreams come true.

The quartet started making beats for Joker, the only one of the four that rapped in his native language, and started to preform locally, but quickly spread to stages in the capital, Copenhagen.

It was during one of these live performances they were approached by a manager with ties to the American music industry, that would set their lives on a mind-blowing directory.

The very first project was production on an album for prisoners from Rahway state Prison. The inmate had an anti-crime rap project called “Scared straight, where they would warn the listener about the criminal lifestyle.  M4R made 4 songs for the project, and they all agreed on, that the music producer debut could not have been grimier and gangster.

In 1992 they moved to LA, and met up with the contact that actually paid for the plane tickets, which were no other than the godfather of gangster rap, Eazy E.

The Danish crew might have thought that four white boys producing tracks for lifetime inmates were weird, but that stood no comparracement, when Eazy E asked them to produce a gangster rap Christmas song. With their fellow co producer “Dr. Jam”, the 5 minutes and 53 second gangster anthem “Merry Mutafuckin´Xmas”, saw the light of day. The record featured every artist that were signed to Eazy E´s laber “Ruthless Records” at the time, including the future producer and rap superstar, WILLIAM, that M4R later would produce music for.

After the success of the initiate production, the production team made more songs for Eazy E, and that caught the ear of another gangster rap superstar, MC Ren. After hearing the music, Mc Ren wanted productions on to albums, including the singles “Mayday on the frontline” and “Mad scientist”.

The buzz of the white production team that sounded anything but European, spread through LA

and eventually got to one of the most prolific rap profiles in Hip-hop history, Ice Cube. Even though Ice Cube were a member of the radical part of The Nation Of Islam, The Five-Percent Nation, the rap star decided to work with the young Danish team. The cooperation raised many questions, especially after the production “Cave bitch” on the album “Lethal injection” that had many degrading opinions about white people.

The cooperation with the former NWA rapper led to a numerous production and remixes on “Lethal injection” and “Bootlegs & B-sides”.

After 4 years of massive success, the quartet went back to Denmark and started DGP, a Danish rap group, that in the following years would introduce the Westcoast sound to Danish hip-hop, enjoying massive local success, that would carve their name into the history books of both Danish and American music history.